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He said…. CUT THE FLUFF! WHAT?  What “fluff”? Are you kidding, we are all about the fluff… the ladies love it! We can’t function without the “fluff". What are you talking about? , We enjoy all the “extra stuff”.

Again he said, you think it is important, but it is not all that important. The fluff doesn’t please me, the fluff doesn’t impress me, I DON’T NEED THE FLUFF! its useless, it doesn’t add any value, it is a distraction. So just CUT THE FLUFF!

We were planning our next ladies’ event, and the creative juices were flowing; decor, colors, textures, food… (the point was to make sure it was better than the last). I remember the plans, ideas, and excitement and how it all stopped when I heard God say CUT THE FLUFF.

We are now in the process of “downsizing”, and this lesson that has marked my life and ministry comes to mind often these days. You see, part of our journey involves moving from our beautiful “big” home (3,700 sf) to a “little” but super cute duplex (1200 sf), So just imagine, 12 years of accumulated “fluff” GOT TO GO, and fast. It’s not easy, everything I own has a purpose and reason, a memory, which makes the process very challenging to say the least; for me to let go and for Aron to deal with me lol. He is so patient, and is giving me so much grace.

Come to find out, the things that we think are important are really not all that important. Like boxes, I think boxes are awesome and I happen to collect them, (you can always find a good use for a box, specially a shoe box, right?).  Well, now that I am surrounded by them (with all the packing going on), and they are all filled with stuff" to take to the new place,  I hear him saying to me again… CUT THE FLUFF!

Making room for what matters the most is hard work ya’ll! But buying a smaller house has made a bigger difference in my life than I expected. I am intentionally removing unneeded things from my life ( not just in the natural) and progressively caring less and less about the stuff ( that so easily entangled me). I am finding space for the things I value the most, I am  excited about the life experiences that are awaiting for us. It’s like a good friend said to me, “It's a hard process, but oh so worth it for the reason you are doing this -- to touch lives for eternity”

If we fill our lives with too many activities, unnecessary things, and “urgent” things, the meaning of our life becomes lost The reason for doing things fades away, and we miss the beauty of a simple and fulfilled life. So CUT THE FLUFF! Its just a bunch of extra stuff that doesn’t add any value, it is a distraction that keeps you from the real deal, your true fulfillment.

So just CUT THE FLUFF! You will be surprise how little you need to live a meaningful life.

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