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When you think you are ready for change and life shows you a few things you didn’t count on. SMH…

A lot has happened since we said YES to the call and decided to pursue the dream and share it with the whole world saying, “we are ready to JUMP!” (Oh, how beautiful is the honeymoon stage…. but oh, how fleeting). Well, I can officially tell you: the honeymoon is OVER! Reality has set in and has shaken us to the core! ...Maybe I should have asked, what are the requirements to go to the next level , right?

The word of the hour for us is: TRANSITION for sure! Transition means crossing over to a new place, from one condition to another; and let me tell you... It can be terrifying!

I think I understand now why people compare “transition” to LABOR PAINS! Who thinks of the labor pains when they decide to have a baby? ? I sure didn’t! Good thing, I had three babies and have experienced the miracle of life, and I know the worth of the momentary pain and the incomparable JOY that comes after.

If there’s one thing that’s inevitable in life, it’s change. Sometimes, those changes are small, but at times they are major. The last few months have been filled with CHANGES, lots of changes, MAJOR changes! We sold our home, bought and remodeled a duplex, moved into our new place, and Aron RETIRED from the workforce. We were soooo busy; we didn’t pay attention to what was happening in us. After the move, we thought that the rest of the journey would be a SMOOTH RIDE, but, oh boy, were we wrong. Come to find out, it’s in the transition time that our world can be uprooted, our foundation shaken, and our resolve tested in ways we aren’t prepared for, or don’t want to deal with. If you are not on guard the “little foxes will ruin the whole vineyard”.

I am sure by now you are wondering, "what happened?". Well, RETIREMENT HAPPENED, and it was a monumental life change for Aron that came with a lot of adjustments to new realities, for both of us. Just little things. Annoying things. Trying things. A new family dynamic that has tested every area of our relationship for sure.

Aron used to flip houses. Whenever he bought an old house, even though the house had a good foundation, they would have to tear down old walls and structures, remove nasty carpets, and throw away accumulated junk. It was only after the “gutting” process that the fun part begun, and the house started to take shape and become the place he envisioned. Well, we have been “gutted” and we are in “labor pains”, being shaped and molded as we are spun on the potter’s wheel while He patiently forms us into the shape He has chosen for us.

Transition times can be overwhelming and trying on anybody. Truth is, long times of change and difficulties can be exhausting and hard on our hearts and it is easy to lose our bearings and make us question a lot of things. But at the same time they are times when the Lord can release fresh revelation and understanding to give us a new focus and direction.

As Christians, we don’t want to get out of anything too fast (as much as we would like to). Instead we must let the testing of our faith do its work. So like the Peruvian sayings goes... "al mal tiempo buena cara" (to bad times give a good face) or like the bible says "consider it all joy" because we know that our faith under pressure is forced into the open and it will show its true colors, stirring up power within us to endure all things, forcing us to become mature and well-developed until there is nothing missing and nothing lacking.

There are a few basic things we should never let go of no matter what the circumstances say: God is good all the time. He knows what He is doing. And all things work together for OUR good. Period!

Keep us in your prayers.

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