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Updated: Mar 6, 2019

It just came to me one day.... I AM GETTING OLD! I know its obvious, but haven't you had one of those moments when you just stop and think a little harder about life, and realize... what in the world am I waiting for? Well, I had one of those moments a couple years ago. Yes, 2 years ago (sometimes things just don't happen as fast as one would like you just have to go with the flow).

Life changes quickly, I know, my children remind me of that, how can they have grown so fast!!!! they are all grown up now, my son has had a full beard for a few years now, my first born is buying a house and my baby girl is driving! for goodness sake- that's crazy!!! Where did the time go? Where? and the most scary question is, What now?

I have been a stay at home mom since Nico was 6 months old, and he is 23 now. I remember the day when it just hit me and all I can think was... WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE NOW? yup, I went there, and started having sort of an existential crisis... and I took Aron there with me too (he is so patient).

Well, after a few attempts to "find my way" (yes, older people also do that at times) God made it clear to us as He removed a lot of "the fluff" (without our approval) from our lives. Even the things we didn't want to get rid off, major things we thought we needed! But He, obviously didn't. That's when we realized...WE HAVE TO JUMP WHILE WE STILL CAN!

Our "jumping journey" started when we finally took our clues from God and said to ourselves,what are we waiting for? IT IS TIME! Not later, not after this and that, but NOW! It was so exhilarating, we felt like teenagers, and stopped thinking like "responsible adults" and forgot about the what if's. Excitement and anticipation filled our hearts and this sort of confident courage just took over us. That was the day we decided to release control and surrender completely and JUMP into the unknown, the uncertain and the adventure of a life in the mission field.

SINCE THE BEGINNING of our walk with God, we knew what He called us to do. Now, (18 years later), we are not waiting for everything to line up perfectly anymore. Honestly, it wasn't easy, still not easy if we allow our minds to think rationally! We are planners you see, and for years we have strategically and carefully planned our future, with the idea that ONE DAY we will be READY to jump and do what our hears desired the most, MOVE TO PERU AND DO MISSIONS THERE! But this life of faith is a funny and clever teacher... many of the plans we made that would set us up for retirement, financial stability and security, just went " poof" and in a matter of just a few months our retirement plan was gone! ...and there is not much we could do about it. ( I think He has something to do with this)

We could continue waiting for a better time, we could put it off once again and make more plans, or we could come up with plan B...but we WON'T, there may come a day soon, when we won't be able to jump and we don't want to regret missing out on what God has for us. So we have decided to make the most of our opportunity TODAY and jump while we still can. WHY NOT?

stay tuned....

Time to Jump

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Apr 03, 2019

I am waiting for you to come here!!!

Super emocionada!!🎉🎉🎉🙏😍

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