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All these preachers want is my money!

A lot of times when listening to TV ministers, we hear something at the end that sounds like this: “When you become a “partner” you’ll allow us to spread the Gospel to this country or that country.” Or “If you partner with us, for your love gift of $100 you’ll receive this and that… And our human nature says: “See! All these preachers want is my money!” right? But today I want to shine a different light on it.

Aron and I have been working diligently for yeeeears to become “financially independent” so we don’t have to ask anyone to fund our dreams, our desires, our ministry. God has graced us the wisdom to be good stewards of the financial blessing we received throughout the years, and now with all sincerity I can say that we are there. We have enough to live a comfortable life for the rest of our life in this earth. We are debt free, and we owe no man anything other than to love them. Aleluya!

To my surprise, when Aron and I met with our dear friend and now Pastor, we ask him for counsel about launching Seeds of Love Missions, and at some point in the conversation he said, you need to work on getting ministry partners! Immediately I disagreed with him, and said “we don’t need partners!” but he continued to advised us on the subject. Reluctantly I agreed, but for the last few months I have struggled with the idea of asking people for money. So, I did what I always do, I studied to see what God has to says about it. As a result, here is what I have learned lately about Ministry Partnership:

The word “partnership” is derived from two words: “partner” and “ship.”

The word “partner” from an Old French word “parçonier” which mean “joint owner and/or joint heir.” The word “ship” comes from the Old English word “-sciepe” which means “state or condition of being.” Put them together the word literally means “the state of being a joint owner.”

In the bible is “koinonia” or what is shared in common as the basis of fellowship, contributory help, participation, sharing in, partnership, community and a fellowship in the spirit. In other words: “what you got, I got” “if you go up, I go up” “if you go down, I go down”.

As I was reading this, I clearly heard “What He says, I say, what He does, I do”, and immediately realized that it was the same principle of being ONE WITH the Father (John 5:19; John 12:49; John 10:31) Jesus was in “partnership” with God. He and God were co-owners of the work. So, it was “their” work not JUST Jesus work on the earth. The geographical location of each “partner” (owner) didn’t matter, Don’t you see? what one did, the other also did by the principle of “oneness” or partnership, let me explain: because they are one, they are join owners together so they both get the credit!

Kenneth Copland says: “partnership is the means by which you fully connect to the work of the ministry, and the ministry connects to you, because partnership is a covenant — a joining together in faith”. In other words: You do YOUR PART here, and we do OUR PART there by putting our hand to the plow, and we all get the credit and benefit from it.

It's a two-way RELATIONSHIP, and I am all about relationships! I understand now that is NOT mine and Aron’s ministry but also our “co-owner’s” (partner’s) ministry. On one side, those who fund the work of the ministry with gifts, contributions, and offerings; on the other, Seeds of Love Missions, the work itself and US in the mission field, joining in partnership. As we all commit to pray for each other and share the rewards and the anointing! ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY!

I understand now the words of Paul when he wrote to the Philippians: “Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited to your account.” (Philippians 4:17)

So, here is what I can say now with excitement. Prayerfully consider if you want to “share in” with us and become a partner, a “joint owner” with Seeds of Love Missions. I don’t say this because I want a gift from you. Rather, I want you to receive a reward for your kindness, and that more is accredited to YOUR account


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