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Sami and Nico were still little, and even though they had their own bathroom they would still use ours all the time. For a while, Aron had been trying to get me to agree to get a bigger house (so he could use his own bathroom in peace, but I would not even consider the idea. We were just fine, I loved our little cabin in the woods, our “Little Piece of Heaven”. It was Sunday morning and we were getting ready for church, and as usual we were all in “Aron’s” bathroom, and without even thinking I said, I think its time to get a bigger house. And that’s when the adventure began. If you know my husband, he went full force on the quest, there was no turning back, he was on a mission! I was still in shock that I had agreed ( what was I thinking?) I didn’t even know what I wanted and the pressure was on, so I prayed. It was then, in my time of prayer that I saw my new house. Red brick with black shutters and white trim, on a hill, tall ceilings… it was beautiful, immediately I drew in my journal every detail of it (so I wouldn’t forget ), and went to Aron and our realtor ( a good friend of ours) and gave them the assignment to find it. I don’t know how many houses we looked at, ( it took months) and every time I would compare any house to the picture and would say…nope, this is not he one. And the search for the perfect house on the left side of the road, on a hill went on. I still remember the day, we were about to move into the ”big house”, it was exactly what I had seen in my time of prayer, it was perfect, beautiful, and it had 5 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms(so we were all happy) plenty of room, lots of land, a pond… the dream house. I was in the basement just looking around thanking God for our blessing, for His goodness and faithfulness... and He says to me. THIS IS NOT YOUR LAST HOUSE, DON’T GET ATTACHED TO IT. I was like, whaaat? what do you mean? I went into shock. You showed me this house, you know I didn’t want to move and now that we bought the house you tell me not to get attached to it? That this is NOT my last house!? Whaaat? For a long time, I didn’t understand why He did that? What was the point of telling me that? And even though I asked many times, He would not explain Himself to me. So, eventually I stopped asking, and just enjoyed my life in the dream house. We lived there for 15 years, and we have soooo many wonderful memories there.… the gatherings, the friends, the birthday parties, the family meals, the many guest that stayed with us, the people that we were able to bless with a place to stay. Memories that I will cherish in my heart forever. But I never forgot what He said. THIS IS NOT YOUR LAST HOUSE, DON’T GET ATTACHED TO IT. Sometimes we just don’t understand and question God and His ways, we just can’t see the big picture. We don’t know what lies ahead. And as difficult as it can be, we have a choice to make: to get attached to things, people, dreams, HOUSES, and our own ideas of what life should be, or Knowing that He is the master artist, the author of our storybook, the one who knows what the masterpiece looks like at the end. JUST TRUST Him and be ready to let go if needed. I understand the why now, It was for such a time as this, for this season in our lives. I am so grateful He gave me those instructions then, and I didn’t get attached(His words were always in the back of my mind). I would have been a whole mess otherwise. I can honestly say, I don’t miss the big house nor the life we had there. I am here now, in our cute little duplex looking at my new bird friends through the sliding door, and I am content and at peace knowing that this one WILL NOT BE OUR LAST HOUSE EITHER. And even though I don’t know what lies ahead, one thing I do known, He is faithful! Will Peru be our last house?... I don't know, but I trust Him, and I am excited and ready for the mysteries in the next chapter of our life.

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