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Saying yes to something new, can be scary!

We went to dinner as a family the other day to celebrate Sami's birthday; and being the adventurous foodie that she is, she chose to go to an Ethiopian restaurant that she loves. All because she wanted to challenge us (ME) to try something new. I am not a spontaneous person, and change doesn't come easy for me. I KNOW what I like, and I LIKE what I know! And I can be pretty set on my ways ( just ask Aron), but since the rule is that the birthday person chooses where we go, I had no choice but to say yes and GO WITH THE FLOW. Aren't you proud of me? I know Sami was. lol.

I had a thought this morning. "Becoming a full time missionary, leaving my life of comfort, the people, things, and places I know and find familiar behind, to go on an adventure filled with uncertainties and unknowns should be MORE SCARY to me than Ethiopian food.... right?" BUT ITS NOT! It truly isn't. How awesome is that?

The question is, how come? How can I have peace about this? How is it possible not to be scared? Well, this is what I know: Even though I don't know how deep the pool is, and I don't trust the water, and I cannot predict the outcome... I, like a little girl trusts that daddy will catch her when she jumps into the pool, I am learning to TRUST my heavenly Father when He calls me out into the deep. You see, this isn't my first jump into the big pool of life and He has always caught me. So now, I TRUST, and I am ready to GO WITH THE FLOW!

What if Noah didn't go with the flow, and refuse to build the ark? What if Esther decided not to walk through those doors and face the king? what if Peter stayed comfortable doing what he knew (fishing) instead of following Jesus? What if, what if... I am not comparing myself to them but my thought is, what if we don't go to Peru? We all have a mission, an assignment given by God in this life, and assignment only we can fulfill. We feel so privileged to understand and know our mission, and wont dare to say No. I am looking ahead, I am alert, and I am courageous, because I know that He is about to do something brand-new. And everything He does is GOOD so all I have to do is listen to His prompting, say YES and GO WITH THE FLOW.

*This might ruin my inspirational message but, I have to be honest with you, I ordered chicken ( the one in the middle), and it was "good", I even tried some of the more ..lets just say "interesting" dishes! But no, I didn't eat with my hands, and no, I don't think I will go back. Even though the coffee was delicious!

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1 komentář

03. 4. 2019

Que interesante se ve ese plato!!😋.

Tu fe me fortalece, mi Caro bella. Gracias por compartirla. Te quiero💙🙏🌷

To se mi líbí
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