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Updated: Apr 5, 2019

I asked my mom one time: What do you want for your birthday? I told her to think carefully, and to choose something she always wanted but never thought she could have.

It was going to be a special birthday, she was getting older and her health was deteriorating, and we didn’t know how much longer she would be with us, so we wanted to make it extra special for her (she used that to her advantage for a few more years after that). Without delay she said, I’ve always wanted to see Cirque Du Soleil! Of course she will want that, my mom looooooved plays, shows, theater and entertainment. So Aron and Mario -my brother in law - planned a birthday weekend for her and we all went to Vegas. Yes “sin city” Vegas (don't judge!). But she was thrilled and that made it worth it!

The show was spectacular, “Gravity defied, where up was down and land becomes sky, and noble combat becomes flawless acrobatics.” (copied that from their page). I’ve never seen anything even close to it. It was magnificent and we had a very, very happy mama.

That night all I can think was, how did they do that? Who thought of this? the production was just so impressive! How much work did they have to put into it? How many people did it take to accomplish something of that magnitude? It was mind boggling. But one thing I knew ….it DIDN'T just happen!

As I look back to the weekend of the missions conference at our church, where the elders laid hands on us in front of our church family, and we were commissioned to full time mission work in Peru. I am asking myself the same line of questions; How did we do this? Who thought of this? How much work was put into it? How many people did it take to accomplish something of this magnitude? And I can tell you this… it DIDN'T just happen!

God thought of this, not us. Before we were born, He set us apart and appointed us. He intentionally planted us at Abundant Life Church,18 years ago (He is so clever). He strategically and diligently worked His plan (He is so patient), equipping and placing valuable people in our lives to get us prepared (He knew we would need lots of help). He opened doors for us so we can practice and perfect our skills (He is so merciful). He allowed test and trials to test and increase our faith (He knew we needed to grow up). He thought of every single detail and when the time was right and we had proven ourselves, He placed us under the spotlight and said, let the show begin!

So, scene one took place that weekend for us. Just like the elders of the church of Antioch did with Barnabas and Saul, the first missionaries in Acts 13:2, our Apostle and our Pastor, officially recognized and commissioned us for the work He has called us to do in front of our church family. We are just so humbled, honored and very grateful for everything that took place "behind the scenes" to make it happen.

Now, like every well written story, everything that comes next will connect us to the the big day, where we will be SENT OUT to Peru. Thank God we have a whole year!! (He knows me very well lol)

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